We are one of the finest private preschools in Cumming, GA and serve the early development, learning and educational needs of children of ages from 6 weeks to 12 years. From the very beginning Ivy League Academy (DBA) has enjoyed a great reputation for its quality, values and personalized approach to the requirements of each child.

Today we are still a pioneer and perhaps the first and only center to provide a program for children with special needs. We strongly believe, respect and encourage the individuality in each child and their learning differences. All of the classrooms, starting from 6 weeks old, are fully engaged on a curriculum and there is strong purpose of academic excellence and community service! We have some of the most qualified, dedicated and experienced teachers, and our students come from all walks of life and around the globe. Given the longevity of Ivy League Academy, it also enjoys a great and proud alumni base.

We are NOT a franchise but a private school uniquely positioned to offer your child an exceptional individualized early learning and preschool environment that is unfazed by franchise fees, corporate profits and cookie cut creativity.

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