Early Learners     Infants/Crawlers/Toddlers

It is never too early to begin learning and at Ivy League Academy we provide an exceptional environment for the early learners from the ages of 6 weeks to 2 years old. We offer both full-time and part-time program, and our staff is one of the most experienced to provide care for this tender age. But even children in this age group follow to the extent possible, a well designed curriculum to develop their early foundation in key areas such as physical, emotional & social, learning, language and cognitive development. We strongly encourage individuality and provide individual attention. Infant and crawlers are fed as per parent recommended schedule. Appropriate food and supplies are provided by the parents. As for toddlers, we provide nutritious breakfast, lunch and snack prepared in our in-house kitchen, unless notified otherwise by parents.

We provide three age appropriate suites/classrooms for our early learners as following.

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Infants     -  6 weeks to 9 months (approx)
Crawlers  -  9 months to 18 months (approx)
Toddlers  -  18 months to 24 months (approx)

We believe a tour of our school will clearly differentiate our experience, expertise, quality and personal touch from all others! Though most of the parents who come to Ivy League Academy have been referred by friends or family, we will be glad to arrange further references if required.

Teacher & Suites/Classrooms
Our lead teachers are very experienced in caring, teaching and providing the perfect environment for children to blossom. They are CPR certified and attend at least 10 hours of early childhood training every year. All suites/classrooms follow a schedule that incorporates curriculum and at the same time provides plenty of latitude for individual care and development. Each week/month begins with a new lesson plan that focuses on appropriate development areas. Lead teachers provide daily and regular updates on progress or other related issues. Suites/Classrooms are extra large and further designed to provide a stimulating learning environment. They are also richly decorated by art and other class work of our children.

Development Philosophy
The early development of cognitive skills, emotional well-being, social skills, physical development and mental health builds a strong foundation for success well into the future years. Almost all important aspects of adulthood such as job skills, lawful behavior and responsibility are built on capacities that are developed during childhood, beginning at birth. It is also a known fact that brain development is an ongoing succession process which begins before birth, and future development is dependent on the foundation laid from the past. Emotional well-being and social competence also provide a strong foundation for emerg¬ing cognitive abilities, and together they are the building blocks of the foundation of human development. Brain development through this process when combined with genetics, slowly uncovers the individuality in each child. Therefore early experiences create a lasting impression on both physical and mental health, wherein, a strong foundation increases the probability of a positive outcome and weak one increases the odds. At Ivy League Academy we strongly recognize this critical phase and provide an excellent environment and program to address these early requirements.

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