After School     (Programs for all ages)

Ivy League Academy offers a structured after school program for pre-k and for children from elementary schools. Though it is referred to as ‘after school’, our program caters to both before and after school requirements. Children come in as early as 6:30AM and have breakfast and enjoy other activities until about 7:45AM. They are then dropped off at their respective elementary schools or pre-k classes. In the afternoon, at 2:15PM after pre-k classes are excused, children who attend after school program proceed to the Hangar Klub. Also, children from elementary schools are picked up by our vans appropriately between 2:00PM and 3:00PM, who then proceed to the Hangar Klub. Children from pre-k and elementary schools are not combined, but rather they follow separate schedules and activities. After school program is a perfect mix of homework, fun, reading, snacks, art and extra curricular activities. We DO NOT let our children watch TV, unless it is required for educational purposes. All children attending after school program from elementary schools must finish their homework before proceeding to other activities. Ivy League Academy has well qualified staff dedicated to helping children with homework.

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At Ivy League Academy, after school program is hosted at the Hangar Klub, a large gym decorated in airport/airplane hangar theme. Hangar Klub also provides children with plenty of indoor fun activities such as air hockey, pool table, ping pong and foosball!!! It also houses a well stocked library of books, art and board games. Ivy League Academy also has two large play areas, soccer field, basket ball court and swimming pool for outdoor activities. Additionally, we also provide an excellent choice of extracurricular activities in the following Klubs!!!

  • Otters Klub - Swimming
  • Racquet Klub - Tennis
  • Ball Klub - Soccer, Playball ™
  • Ballet Klub - Dance/Ballet
  • Gym Klub - Gymnastics
  • Martial Klub - Karate

After school program at Ivy League Academy is one of the very best and keeps children productively engaged. After school program closes at 6:30PM. Please note that the facilities and programs at each of our locations may vary. It is advised that you check with the Director to confirm program availability.

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