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We have been operation in since 1990 serving Cumming, Suwanee and North Alpharetta/Johns Creek. Ivy League Academy (DBA) is private school headed by Ms. Hemal Subbarao. Ms. Subbarao has a degree in Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Science. She also holds a Master of Science degree from the State University of New York, Stony Brook. Her primary objective at Ivy League Academy is to continuously and methodically raise the bar on academic and program excellence!

Our mission is a very simple one, and it is to provide THE BEST learning environment where each child can develop their individual unique strengths and excel in building a strong foundation for their future. We encourage individuality!!!

Core Values
Individuality, Learning, Excellence, Inclusion, Honesty, Safety

Memberships & Non Profit
Ivy League Academy is a member of GCCA, NAEYC, Zoo Atlanta and Fernbank Natural History Museum. We also actively support non profit Autism related causes and www.missingkids.org.

Why Ivy League Academy?
We are not a franchise and we live up to higher standards that is unfazed by franchise fees, marketing fees, corporate profits and cookie cut creativity. Here is a very basic list that some franchises provide as key differentiators. Not only do we cover this very basic checklist, we also provide superior quality and incredible real life learning experiences. Our programs are unmatched by ‘childcare’ centers and rarely equaled by other private schools and Montessori. We will be glad to share with you our key differences when you take a tour of our center.

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check Children are separated by age AND we do NOT combine classes. Combining classes is a standard franchise and other childcare center feature to save cost.
check We follow CURRICULUM which incorporates periods of rest, quiet play and active games
check Parents are invited to see the class in action at ANYTIME. Some of the classes also advise parent PARTICIPATION.
check Pictures and children's art displayed on the center's walls, classrooms AND in the future also in our website.
check Parents are STRONGLY advised to meet teachers and discuss the curriculum and lesson plan
check We have AGE APPROPRIATE learning equipment in the classroom
check Children appear happy and stimulated AND they look forward to coming back in the morning.
check Parent/teacher conferences held to discuss the child's development
check Parents informed of center activities through newsletters AND website
check Provisions for isolating a sick child
check License issued by the State Department current and posted in the front lobby
check Rooms are clean, well-heated or cooled, ventilated and odor-free.
check Child pickup and drop-off safe and well planned
check SAFE transportation available for school-age children
check Vans equipped with seat belts and wireless
check ALL classrooms have child-size chairs, tables and bathroom fixtures
check Appropriate numbers of bathrooms and sinks provided
check Play area clean, well-kept AND safe. We have three large age appropriate play areas, soccer field, basketball court, gym and a swimming pool
check Equipment size right for the ages of the children
check Staff-to-child ratios met at all times AND everywhere. ALSO WE DO NOT COMBINE CLASSES AS DONE IN MANY FRANCHISES.
check Playground area fenced and the gates secured at all times
check Play areas inspire creative play AND our extra curricular activities provide much needed variety which is lacking in many centers.
check Director has experience and training in child care management
check All center staff attend a minimum of 10 hours training every year. ALSO 90+% of our staff is CPR trained versus the 50% required by state.
check Teachers experienced and trained in early childhood education. Our average Pre-K teacher EXPERIENCE at this center is 6.5 years.
check We have some of the most dedicated, cheerful and friendly staff. Most of the staff has their children attending Ivy League Academy.
check Staff present a professional appearance. Average lead teacher experience is in excess of 8.5 years.
check ALL parents are given a tour of the entire facility, no just the classroom
check We are members of GCCA, NAEYC, Zoo Atlanta & Fernbank Natural History Museum.
check Breakfast, lunch and snack are nutritionally balanced with all food groups
check We have a in-house kitchen and lunches are served hot
check We provide weekly food menus AND they are changed every week
check Our kitchen is clean AND professionally cleaned
check Infants are held when fed. Our lead infant room teacher has been with us for the last 15 YEARS!!!
check We have regular fire drills
check Evacuation plans are posted in all relevant locations
check Fire extinguishers have the latest certificate
check Building has a fire sprinkler system
check Our buildings are monitored 24x7 by ADT fire monitoring
check Clear EXIT signs at all required locations

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