We offer an outstanding accredited Private Kindergarten program which provides a smooth ramp-up from our sought after GA Pre-K program. Our Private Kindergarten program offers an exceptional learning standard which is on par with some of the most expensive private schools in the Atlanta area. We know this because some of our teachers and management staff in the past have either taught or had their children in these private schools.

Our flagship program combines classroom curriculum with practical real life experiences while encouraging development of an ‘individual’. Curriculum for Kindergarten is built on a solid foundation offered by Scholastics®.

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Strong curriculum focuses on development in the following areas.

  • Language and Literacy Development
  • Mathematical Development
  • Scientific Development
  • Social Studies Development
  • Creative Development
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • Health and Physical Development

A Lead and an Assistant Teacher provides 6.5 hour quality instructional day. School wide average teaching experience of our Lead Teachers in all classrooms exceeds 8 years. A minimum qualification of a Bachelor’s degree is required to teach Pre-K or Kindergarten at Ivy League Academy.

In addition to the classroom curriculum, we strongly believe in real life learning experiences, such as

  • Exciting Field Trips: On an average our school organizes 15 to 20 field trips in a year to connect classroom learning with real life experiences.
  • Special Activities: Each month of the academic year, a special activity is organized for the children to learn by hands-on experience. For e.g. Science lab experiments, Recycling, Visit from Zoo Atlanta etc.
  • Guest Speakers: Ivy League Academy organizes high profile guest speakers rarely seen even in private schools, such as an Astronaut and other high visibility and accomplished professionals.

We also strongly believe in engaging parents through out the academic year and we are supported by a strong PTA.

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